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Nikon full-frame camera bodies
The term "full frame" refers to the physical size of the sensor, which is the part that captures the image. It measures 36mmx24mm and is about the same size as traditional 35mm film. Nikon uses the FX designation for full frame cameras. Rent full frame cameras here.

Advantages of full frame dslr cameras:
  • The larger sensor has much more surface area for capturing light, which means higher quality images in low light situations. This happens because the pixels are physically larger so each pixel can collect more light, producing less noise and more accurate colors at higher ISO settings.
  • It's easier to blur the background with a full frame camera because the larger the sensor translates to a shallower depth of field (DoF) when the other factors are kept equal. This is very useful for photographers who want to draw attention to the subject by blurring foregrounds and backgrounds. Factors that influence DoF are the aperture, the focal length, and the distance to the subject. Since a full frame camera will be closer to the subject compared to a camera using a smaller sensor, the DoF will be shallower.
  • More accurate colors, especially for the subtle colors of flesh tones. Shadows on faces are more likely to stay true in color.
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