Refreshing Shot Ideas for the Fisheye Lens

Everyone knows fisheye lenses aren't the average camera lenses. Originally called whole-sky lenses, they capture distorted lines and views at an extremely wide angle, allowing for very unique shots. This notion can sometimes be intimidating because with fisheye lenses, the normal rules of shooting don't apply. Don't shy away; Jenna Smith, part of the LensGiant staff, gives you 3 ways to bring some creativity into your professional and just-for-fun photography using a fisheye lens.

1) Exaggerated animal shots

"Nosy Dog" by Angie Garrett

Heading to the zoo? Or maybe you just want to capture that in-your-face-moment you experience whenever you come home and your dog is jumping with excitement at your feet. Amp up animal photography by using a fisheye lens at elevated, tilted, or extremely close up points of view. The heightened angle at an elevated POV allows for an overall better balanced scene and lets you get creative with perspective. Try using a monopod to avoid capturing your feet or shadow in the shot. Tilting the camera can dramatically affect the dynamics of your shot as well. Try tilting to the left or right to see what your lens produces.

2) Capture everything

"I Stare at the Ceiling to Daydream" by Craig Damlo

"Face Full of Clouds" by Kevin Dooley"

The fisheye lens is essential for capturing entire ceilings, beautiful skies, and full landscapes. If you find yourself standing below a sky of pink clouds or a ceiling painted in gold, use your fisheye lens to capture the beauty in its entirety. Fisheye lenses are great for capturing entire landscape scenes, too. Keep your horizon towards the middle of the frame and you'll be able to shoot nearly 180 degrees of landscape without that crazy distorted looks the lenses are typically known for. Just make sure the landscape isn't composed of mostly straight lines.

3) Sports
Give sport shots some added intensity by experimenting with your fisheye lens.
Working different angles can really capture the movement and action we so often see in sports. Mixing in a few fisheye shots with other ones creates an intriguing series and brings the movement to life. To see our selection of fisheye lenses and rent your own, click here.

The Canon 8-15mm EF f/4L Fisheye.