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Giottos Monopod

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Length of Rental

3 Day Rental [$5.00]
5 Day Rental [$6.00]
7 Day Rental [$8.00]
10 Day Rental [$10.00]
14 Day Rental [$14.00]
18 Day Rental [$17.00]
Damage Waiver

Yes [$2.00]

LensGiant always provides professional quality equipment, and this monopod is no exception to the rule. It is strong, lightweight, compact, durable, and easy to use. A monopod can be a lot more convenient than a tripod if you need to move from spot to spot, or if you're in a location with limited space. Let the monopod support the weight of the lens and be more comfortable. This carbon-fiber monopod from Giottos holds up to 28 lbs, yet it folds down to a compact 17.2 inches and weighs only 1.2lbs. High quality equipment is a joy to use.

Construction: Carbon fiber Maximum height: 62.3 inches Folded length: 17.2 inches Max load: 28 lbs Leg lock type: Twist Male thread sizes: Dual 1/4"-20, and 3/8"-16 Weight: 1.2 lbs

Extended Information:
Daily Rate: $5.00/day
This rate is used for late fees.
Minimum rental period is 5 days.