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Canon 70-300mm EF f/4-5.6 IS USM
Rent Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens

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Length of Rental

3 Day Rental [$31.00]
5 Day Rental [$35.00]
7 Day Rental [$39.00]
10 Day Rental [$45.00]
14 Day Rental [$49.00]
18 Day Rental [$54.00]
21 Day Rental [$61.00]
28 Day Rental [$75.00]
45 Day Rental [$98.00]
60 Day Rental [$119.00]
Damage Waiver

Yes [$5.00]

This most recent version of the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM telephoto zoom lens is superior to the original version because it has an improved image stabilizer, faster auto-focus, and is smaller and lighter. It delivers a lot of value because of it's very reasonable price and good performance (but consider Canon's L-series 70-300mm lens if you're seeking top performance). Itís a good choice for vacations and other general purpose usage where size and weight are very important factors. It's capable of producing some very good images for travel photos or the kid's soccer game, especially if your looking for something that's easy to handle. It has an EF mount so it's compatible with full-frame and cropped-frame cameras.

Accessories supplied with lens:
  • Front lens cap
  • Rear lens cap
  • Soft padded case

Focal Length: 70-300mm
Maximum Aperture: f/4-5.6
Minimum Aperture: f/32-45
Closest Focusing Distance: 4.9 ft./1.5m
Filter Size: 58mm
Max. Diameter x Length: 3.0 in. x 5.6 in. / 76.5mm x 142.8mm
Weight: 22.2 oz. / 630g

Extended Information:
Daily Rate: $7.00/day
This rate is used for late fees.
Minimum rental period is 3 days.