Shipping and delivery options

Ship to you:

You specify the delivery date when placing your order and we ship accordingly so your package arrives on that date!

Shipping Speeds/Methods

  • Choose Express if you need it fast or are ordering for an event (like a wedding) or a vacation. FedEx Express guarantees their delivery dates. Express options are 3 Day Express Saver, 2Day Express, Standard Next Business Day and Priority Overnight.
  • Choose Ground or Home Delivery if you are flexible on your delivery date. FedEx does NOT guarantee the delivery date with Ground packages.
  • We will ship according to the transit time directly from the FedEx website and the delivery date selected, but weather or traffic can affect and potentially delay the transit time of Ground packages.
Click HERE for more detailed information on shipping and transit times

Signature Required

ALL packages require a signature upon delivery. FedEx will make 3 attempts to deliver before returning the package to LensGiant.
Remember, the rental period starts on the first delivery attempt, so if you won't be home please see the page on how to have your package held for pick up at a local FedEx or FedEx onsite at Walgreens.

Hold my package for pickup

Shipping locations

We ship to credit card billing addresses, alternate addresses on file with your credit card account and verifiable addresses such as a place of business or employment. We do not ship to P.O Boxes, UPS Stores, hotels or resorts. Shipments requested to any of these will require a full deposit. We do not ship outside the continental US.

The FedEx time and cost estimation tool in your shopping cart will show you the multiple shipping options available in your area.
You can select the shipping method that best suits your needs.

Questions? Call LensGiant Customer Service at 248-974-4108, email us at [email protected], or see our FAQ page!

*New customers go through a verification process, and shipments may be delayed if we are unable to verify your information or get a hold of you. The more information you can provide as a new customer, the easier the verification process becomes. On occasion a deposit may be required. Please contact LensGiant if you have questions regarding the verification process.