Pick It Up

FedEx Locator

Consider the benefits of having your package shipped and held at your local staffed FedEx Office, Ship Center or FedEx onsite at Walgreens. Pick up your package at your convenience, you'll never have to worry about missing a delivery again!

To have your order held for pickup at a FedEx location:

    On the checkout page, enter the correct billing information for your credit card in the Billing Address section.

    In the Shipping Address section
  • Enter your first and last name (or whoever will be picking up the package from FedEx)
  • Enter 'FedEx' in the company field
  • Enter the address of your local FedEx facility into the shipping address fields

Here is the FedEx location finder, be sure to click the Hold at Location filter!

Questions? Call LensGiant Customer Service at 248-974-4108, email us at support@lensgiant.com, or see our FAQ page!

*New customers go through a verification process, and shipments may be delayed if we are unable to verify your information or get a hold of you. The more information you can provide as a new customer, the easier the verification process becomes. On occasion a deposit may be required. Please contact LensGiant if you have questions regarding the verification process.