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Sennheiser Wireless Microphone EW112-p Kit
Sennheiser wireless microphone

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Availability: In Stock

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Sennheiser Wireless Mic EW112-p G3-A
Wireless microphone for use on SLR and Video cameras
This is a very low-noise, high quality, and easy to use wireless microphone system. It is intended for field and studio video applications. It includes the CA2 shoe mount adapter so the receiver can be attached directly to the camera's hot shoe.

  • The bodypack transmitter can be worn on a person
  • The receiver can be mounted on the SLR or Video camera
  • ME 2 clip-on microphone can be worn on the lavalier
  • Provides 1600 frequencies across 42 MHz
  • Automatically scans to find open bands
  • 20 banks with each having 12 presets
  • Included a compander for clearer sound
  • Auto-lock for preventing unintentional adjustment to settings
Accessories supplied with this kit:
  • SK 100 G3 wireless transmitter
  • SK 100 G3 wireless receiver
  • ME 2 clip-on microphone
  • 3.5mm output cable
  • XLR output cable
  • Carrying case
Additional items required: (not included with rental)
  • 4 AA batteries