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Canon cropped-frame camera bodies (APS-C cameras)
Canon APS-C cameras use the APS-C sized sensor, which is smaller than the full frame sensor. It measures about 22mmx15mm compared to full frame sensors which measure 36mmx24mm. The term "crop factor" came about because it's like taking a full frame sensor and cropping off 7mm on each side and 4.5mm from the top and the bottom. This produces a "crop-factor" of 1.6x, which has a similar effect as multiplying the focal length of the lens by 1.6x. For example, a 50mm lens mounted on a cropped frame camera will produce an photo similar to that of an 80mm lens mounted on a full frame camera. Rent Canon APS-C cameras here.

Advantages of APS-C dslr cameras:
  • The cropped frame cameras and their lenses are often smaller and lighter than full frame cameras and lenses.
  • The 1.6x crop factor is a good way to dramatically increase the effective focal length of lenses. A 200mm lens will behave like a 320mm lens when mounted on a APS-C camera, which can be great when shooting sports and wildlife.
  • The APS-C cameras users have more lens choices because they can use full frame (EF mount) lenses and cropped frame (EF-S mount) lenses.
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