Photography Techniques
Articles contributed by customers and LensGiant staff that describe how to take better photos.

Astrophotography-Star Trails

Star trails and the conditions, equipment and techniques for creating amazing images!

Try out birding this spring with these tips and suggestions!

Birding for Beginners

Macro Photography

Make a macro lens your next rental!

Best Lens Rentals for Vacations

Popular lenses to travel with!

Wild Horses

Shooting wild horses in the high desert plains of NW Colorado

Wild Horses II

Putting Some Wild In Your Photography

How to shoot the Milky Way

What you need and how to do it

How to light-paint a car

Give this one a try on a warm summer evening...

Using polarized filters

They're great for reducing glare and increasing contrast.

Use a fisheye lens for a fresh perspective

Shot ideas for fisheye lenses