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Canon 50mm EF f/1.2 USM - Condition 9
Canon 50mm EF f/1.2 USM - Condition 9

: $949.00

Availability: 1 copy available

Front element: 9- no scratches
Rear element: 9
Barrel: 9.0 - minor wear
Other areas:9 - very minor wear
Internal dust: 9.0
Imaging: 9.5 - normal
Autofocus: 9.5 - normal
Focus ring: 9.5, normal
Zoom ring: 9.5, normal
Aperture ring: n/a
Filter ring: 10
Stabilizer: n/a
Aperture: 10, normal
Front cap: included, 8.5 - moderate scuffs
Rear cap: included, 8.5 - moderate scuffs

Very minor wear on the body. Comes with the lens, front and rear caps, lens hood, box and original paperwork. We'll replace it with a new copy to keep our inventory fresh.
Used equipment is sold as-is in the condition described above. Items can be returned within 3 days for a full refund except for shipping charges.

Condition Ratings:
10 - looks and functions like new
9.5 - Very minor signs of wear, normal function
9 - Signs of use seen only upon close inspection, normal function
8.5 - Minor wear marks to finish, normal function
8 - Moderate wear, some minor cosmetic scratches or chips
7 - Clear wear to finish or function
6 - Usable, but has considerable flaws in appearance or function
NR - Needs repair