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Nikon 35mm AF-S f/1.4G
Rent Nikon 35mm AF-S f/1.4G lens

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Length of Rental

3 Day Rental [$47.00]
5 Day Rental [$56.00]
7 Day Rental [$66.00]
10 Day Rental [$91.00]
14 Day Rental [$116.00]
18 Day Rental [$136.00]
21 Day Rental [$151.00]
28 Day Rental [$176.00]
45 Day Rental [$245.00]
60 Day Rental [$288.00]
Buy It Used [$999.00]  Condition: 9 - Very Good
Damage Waiver

Yes [$10.00]

Outstanding! Fast and wide and sharp! Among our prime lenses for Nikon cameras, this 35mm is the fastest focusing and has the largest aperture. The image quality is great when the aperture is wide open so it's perfect for use in low-light. It works on all Nikon cameras, both DX and FX. The moderate wide angle capability of the lens is suitable for interiors, weddings, photojournalism and landscape photography. The lens features a Silent Wave Motor (SWM) for quick, quiet, and accurate auto-focus. Its Rear Focusing (RF) system means the front element won't rotate during focusing so a polarized filter can be used. They hit the mark with this one.

You'll see three different Nikon 35mm lenses on the LensGiant website, so what's the difference between them? Here's a run down:
Nikon 35mm AF-S f/1.8G ED: Designed for FX cameras, works fine on DX cameras.
Nikon 35mm AF-S f/1.8G DX: Designed for DX cameras. This is the best choice for most DX users.
Nikon 35mm AF-S f/1.4G ED: Works on FX and DX, has the largest aperture for low light situations and the most background blur.

Accessories supplied with lens:
  • Front lens cap
  • Rear lens cap
  • Hood
  • Soft padded case

Number of diaphragm blades: 9
Minimum f/stop: 16
Closest focusing distance: 12 inches
Weight (approx.): 21.2 oz.
Dimensions (approx.) 3.27 3.52 inches
External front filter attachment frame: Does not rotate
External front filter: 52mm

Extended Information:
Daily Rate: $15.00/day
This rate is used for late fees.
Minimum rental period is 3 days.