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GoPro Hero3+ System Wear it. Mount it. Love it.
These small cameras capture the most exciting experiences of your life.
They can be worn on you or mounted to your equipment.
This GoPro rental has the capability to capture high resolution videos and still photos.

Order at least one of each: Cameras, Housings, Mounts
For your GoPro camera rental you'll need at least one of each of these three items to create a GoPro system.
Hint: multiple cameras are waaaayy more fun than one camera!
  • Cameras (one on you, one on your vehicle, one on a fence post, etc...)
  • Housings (they hold cameras, every camera needs a housing)
  • Mounts (they fasten housings to objects such as your helmet, your bike, a pole, etc.) Some mounts and housings come with Buckles, which are quick-release clips that allow you to quickly attach/detach cameras from mounts.
  • Don't forget MicroSD cards!
Accessories are available to makes things easier
  • Wi-Fi Remote control (Highly recommended! Cameras are often in very inconvenient locations.)
  • LCD screens that allow to you view your video on the camera (GoPro cameras don't have built-in screens)
  • Extra batteries and chargers
  • Audio and video cables